Read about the safety measures we will be taking

We take our responsibilities very seriously in relation to the health and wellbeing of our audience. To this end we will be implementing a few changes for this performance:

Seats will be arranged in pairs and socially distanced. This will mean a significant reduction in the number of seats we will have available. If grouping of seats is required then this can be arranged depending upon the current Governemnt guidelines.

There are multiple hand sanitisers located throughout the hall

To maintain distancing and reduce handling of items, we will not be running a bar or selling refreshments/snacks. You are very welcome to Bring Your Own though.

Wherever possible we will be ventilating the hall to ensure a fresh air flow.

Inside the Hall
Where necessary we will implement one way systems to maintain distancing requirements.

We will not be issuing physical tickets this year, instead we will keep a list of people who have purchased tickets and for which night.

Should there be any material change in guidance or requirements  issued by the Government in realtion to Covid-19, we will update this page accordingly.